What Color Is Your Fat? It Matters

Did you know that there are different colored fats, and that they effect the body differently? Scientists are discovering that brown fat has some health benefits.

What Is Brown Fat?

You may have heard that fat is unhealthy, but in fact, it depends on what kind of fat you have and where it resides. Brown fat is a certain kind of fat that helps burn calories in order to help the body generate heat when it's cold.

Scientists are finding that while an excess of white fat can be generally unhealthy, brown fat may have some benefits-- especially for diabetics.

Brown Fat Study

A study conducted at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia found that brown fat helps consume glucose, thus helping to control glucose levels.

"Marked day-to-day glucose variations have been proposed to be a precursor of diabetes," said Paul Lee, lead author of the study. "For modern humans who do not rely on it for cold protection, the energy-consuming brown fat rhythm may act as a glucose buffer, smoothing glucose fluctuations and lessening the stress on the pancreas."

While brown fat is not going to help burn away your blood sugar to stop diabetes in its tracks, it's an interesting find.

Photo: Acefitness